Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My first post!!

Oh my gosh! I finally got one! Who knew it was so easy?! Yikes. Well...I don't know what to here's just some quick info on me and what I hope this blog will be allllllllllllll about.

1. I'm just learning how to sew.
2. That being said, I've already made 3 aprons and a quilt.
3. I can't stop sewing!
4. I'm 22.
5. I don't really know anyone else personally who sews that's my age. All my friends think it's cool though.
6. I spent 2 hours in JoAnn Fabrics yesterday.
7. I'm in awe, there's so much for me to learn.
8. I had no freakin idea that there was such a huge internet lif
e for sewers and quilters and all that good handmade stuff!!
9. I could very easily go broke shopping on everyone's etsy store.
10. My goal is to someday have an etsy store when my sewing finally looks like store-bought quality and not so much girl-made-it-at-home quality. Which mine does, right now.
11. I think i've been sewing for a month.
12. My grandmother quilts, but she's not patient enough and always uses the 'cheater' quilts and her binding is just bad news. I love my grandmother but she gets fed up with it and it shows LOL. But i love that about all the quilts she made me (which is one).
13. Oh, I live in Delaware.
14. I graduated college from UD and so, i am always rooting for the Blue Hens
15. And the Phillies.

16. I love food.
17. I hope to stop this at 20.
18. I wish I had kids so that i could quilt for them, but alas, family planning is nowhere near the priority list.
19. I use most of my tip money from my waitressing job to buy fabric and string and stuff.
20. this all started out because I wanted to get my grandmother an awesome apron for Christmas. When I couldn't find one, I decided to make it.

So here's a few pictures:

whoops! I don't know why my quilt is at the top of the page, but whatev. I'll try again.

Oh look! It's an apron LOL. I realized you gotta move the pictures where you want them. Okay. Got it. So that apron is the first one I made and I didn't use an apron. It's going to be a gift to my grandmother. Hopefully I'll make some pot holders too with the left over fabric.

So, there's my first post. It's all very exciting!

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Debra said...

Congrats on your first blog post! You will enjoy blogging. It looks like you did a great job on your apron & quilt!