Friday, May 29, 2009

Hooray for many reasons

I have just ordered my first Moda fabric! Isn't that something?! I'm super psyched for it. I ordered a layer cake of 'Glace' by Three Sisters. I want to get an early start on my Christmas stuff and this line is perfection!

Okay, okay, so maybe I was inspired by this at Moda Bake Shop. But the apron I have in mind is different from that one, well, basically minus the big pocket in the front and a few other very minor details. And then I'm also thinking with the leftover fabric, I may be able to make a small Christmas lap quilt. Oh the possibilities!

Also, those of you who have seen my photos on this blog will be very happy to note that I have a new camera on its way to me. But I'm still no great photographer.

It happens to be my 23rd birthday this Sunday, so my somewhat-boyfriend is getting me the camera, as well as something else, which I'm guessing is going to be a Phillies jersey - but I have to wait and see. I could be very wrong. But I'll be very happy if i'm right. Unless I'm wrong and he's getting us a vacation to Disney World, then I'll still be very happy. But I'm pretty sure he'd laugh in my face if I told him I would like a vacation to Disney World with him. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm also making a quilt for my best friend, her birthday is just 5 days after mine and I have to say, I'm on schedule with it. I just have to bind it and then it's ready to be wrapped up all nice and pretty. I know she'll love it. I picked out the fabric with her in mind and once I get my new camera I will show you. (or maybe once I bind it, I'll just use my crappy camera to take a quick shot)

And before I go, I just wanted everyone to know that my dog is snoring very loudly at the moment. And he's only a little chihuahua. And yet, he snores pretty loud for a dog that's only about a foot high. Hopefully he's having good dreams of chasing the FedEx man.

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clare's craftroom said...

Hi good luck with your friends quilt I look forward to seeing it finished as I love that fabric range .