Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weddings on my mind

So, I went to my first non-relative bridal shower this past weekend. It was just lovely! It was for a co-worker of mine and she's just hilarious, so I wanted to do something special. So, I opted for making her an apron. And here it is in all of it's wedding-bliss glory:

(ignore the messy closet, it's a disaster, I'm aware)

and here's the apron posing on the newly purchased Ikea computer chair.

She really loved the apron and that made me feel really happy. I wish I had a photo of it all wrapped up because the present itself looked awesome. I bought this really great wrapping paper. It was the kind of gift I would want at my bridal shower. It was that awesome looking.

Anyway, the bridal shower was fun and I had a great time. I just wanted to show off this cool apron!

More to come soon!

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