Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of September

It has certainly been a hectic last few weeks! But I'm very happy to be sitting in my bedroom looking out at the sunset, realizing that today was a perfect almost-fall day. Makes me even happier that this coming weekend is a long one. I'm so ready for it!

I have managed to get some sewing done lately, so that has helped keep my spirits up during a difficult time. It feels good to complete projects, right? My boyfriend's sister's baby shower is coming up and since she lives in Missouri, I have to mail it out to her. I've been busy getting it all ready, but now it's good to be shipped, just as soon as I take it to the UPS office later in the week. His sister is only 17 and she's having a baby, so it's been a struggle to imagine if she realizes just how much her life is going to change, but babies are the best customers to do work for! So I sewed up a little quilt and some bibs for the coming bundle of joy!

Above are the two bibs that I'm sending to her.

Isn't that robot fabric simply adorable?! Don't mind my shadow, my studio lighting is awful!

And the baby quilt! It's finally all finished and ready for baby!

And this has been my present to myself. I've been wanting this American Jane quilt since I laid eyes on the pattern and now i am finally making one. And it's all for me! And if it turns out well, I might do a smaller one for my grandmother!

Something else that I did recently was my first excursion to Ikea. And I fell in love. A computer chair and lamp came home with me, but believe me when I say I wanted the entire store! I have horrible space estimation, though because when I bought the computer chair I thought for sure it would fit in the back of my boyfriend's tiny car. I thought it wouldn't be a problem.

It went in, but not without quite the fight. And then, I couldn't even fit the box in my car when it came time to actually drive it to my house. That was kind of a pain, but it all worked out in the end and I couldn't be more pleased with my new, chic computer chair.

It's been the highlight of coming home. Well, one of the highlights anyway. I only wish I had this quality of comfort at work!

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