Friday, November 21, 2008

Muddling Through

So, I'm working on finishing the quilt top to my Sea Quilt. It's turning out to be a mess, but that's exactly why it's going to my mom - she loves everything I do, even if it's done wrong. LOL.

In the midst of all my frustration about cutting some blocks the wrong size, I stumbled upon a pretty sweet giveaway and am going to pimp it out here!

It's a giveaway done by Simplify and the link to the actual giveaway is right here. She's giving away a quilt and it's a pretty fun giveaway, so definitely check it out if you like. I mean, who doesn't love free quilts? Especially with the weather that's been going on where I live -- flurries!

I had to whip out my new winter coat yesterday, it was so chilly!

Anyway, I'm off to organize my bedroom and then perhaps work on previously stated frustrating quilt.

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