Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The sea quilt

So, I've only mentioned it a few times, but I finally took some photos of the quilt that I'm working on. It's going to be for my Mom, as a part of a Christmas present. And it's designed to be an image of water - I was thinking of the beach near us, as well as in the Bahamas. Not that this has anything to really do with my mom, I just think she'll like it, so she's getting it LOL. Anyway, I know it's a little messy, but this is only my second quilt and there's no pattern, I'm just doing what I feel like. It's only two block styles and I change around the colors. So...yeah. I have about a row and a half done. I'm thinking it'll probably get to six rows, hopefully. Anyway, here's some pictures.

Now, remember, i haven't sewn these together, I just stuck the blocks by each other for the sake of this picture. And I know they're not all the same size -- I'm working on fixing that at some point. But for now, this is what it might sorta-kinda look like.

And this is just closer up, so you can get a better idea of the fabrics. I swear I saw that ocean one on Grey's Anatomy last week, as Dr. Shepherd's cap. Seriously!

So, that's it. Just two photos. I'm hoping it'll motivate me to kick into high gear and work it out in like a week. That would be great, but we'll see!

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