Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What have I been doing, you ask?

Well, oh well, oh well. Hey, just to let you know, I got an ultra clear shot of the moon from my window. It's adorable. Makes me feel like a little kid again.

In other unrelated news, I have been doing little crafting. I'm trying to make an apron with a sweetheart neckline and flowy skirt, but, being a beginner seamtress makes this difficult. Add into that the fact that I did poorly in geometry and can't picture how to put things together so that seams won't show = many failed attempts.

I would show you said failed attempts, but,...they're bad. Maybe another day.

But what is a post without pictures, right? So, first, I'll let you know what I have been doing successfully besides creating messed up aprons.

I've planted my sunflowers - which, I do need to take pictures of. Perhaps tomorrow. They're transplanted outside and from what I can tell, are doing great. However, I managed to kill my daisies and cosmos, because,...I kind of forgot about them. So we may be trying those again in the near future.

I've done some spring cleaning of my room. My sewing room desperately needs to be spring cleaned, but I'm waiting until I successfully complete the sweetheart neckline apron I'm going for.

Also, this past weekend I managed to see these guys in concert:

Which from this horrible picture, you can't tell, but that's Kings of Leon. I seriously need a new camera. Or learn how to operate the one I own.

They put on a great show, if you're wondering. !HOWEVER! I went with my best friend, and the unfortunate aspect of going with just one other person is that one of you has to drive and you don't want to drink by yourself and leave your friend to just watch you drink. So, neither one of us drank. But, everyone surrounding us did. And it was a sold out show. And we had general admission standing room only. So a lot of beer was being spilled and a lot of people were drunk. So drunk in fact that the man standing next to my best friend during the concert decided to urinate. And he got some of his pee on her feet. Disgusting. Needless to say, it ruined the rest of the show for her. Which is a shame because they are a great band to see live and a great band just in general.

And on that note, I shall go enjoy what is left of the night. Let me know what you have been up to! I need to learn how to make some blogging friends!

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